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렝스닝 마스카라는 속눈썹을 한올 한올 분리하여 표현하며, 자연스러우면서도 선명한 모습의 잊을 수 없는 눈매를 연출합니다
Price per unit - 0.28 oz.

Lengthening Mascara - Black


볼루마이징 마스카라로 풍부하고 드라마틱한 눈썹을 표현하십시오.
Price per unit - 0.28oz.

Volumizing Mascara - Black



Infused with aloe, the nourishing formula in the EyeLuminate Mascara and matching Eye Pencil combo keeps lashes soft and conditioned while adding smudge-free volume and definition that won’t clump or break.

EyeLuminate Mascara/Eye Pencil Duos - Green


Add a splash of playful color to your lashes in a wink with flawless by Sonya® EyeLuminate Mascara/Eye Pencil Duos, available in blue, green and purple

EyeLuminate Mascara/Eye Pencil Duos - Blue


Its built-in, light-up wand gives you a flawless application every time, in any light.

Mascara 0.2 oz
Pencil 0.03 oz

EyeLuminate Mascara/Eye Pencil Duos - Purple